We turn to you with an urgent request for your support of treatment, rehabilitation and purchase of rehabilitation equipment.

Gosia is six and a half. She is a cheerful, hearty girl. Unfortunately she is deaf-blind, which forms an obstacle in communication almost unimaginable for a healthy person. Moreover Gosia, due to cerebrovascular accidents, suffers from cerebral palsy and cerebellar hypoplasia.

She also struggles with:

  • knee joints dysplasia
  • epilepsy
  • food allergy (to numerous alimentary products)

The only chance for Gosia is a daily, multi-sensual rehabilitation, which is very expensive. She should participate in rehabilitation camps, however each camp costs 4600 Polish zloty.

Gosia continuously makes progress, she sets ahead step by step. At the moment she can sit up on her own. Thanks to your help she will have an opportunity to develop.

We ask you for help

Every penny matters. You will find bank account where voluntary payments can be sent in a frame below. We thank you hot heartedly for any help



ul. Grzybowska 53/57, 00-950 Warszawa



86 1240 1037 1787 0010 1740 2700 – USD
31 1240 1037 1978 0010 1651 3186 – EUR



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